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torbay glamping

client: private

location: Torbay, Newfoundland

use: commercial

scale: 330 ft2

Intended to be a comfortable and luxurious alternative to camping in tents along the expansive trail network on the coast of the Avalon Peninsula, these units provide a glamorous camping experience. This design responds to the remoteness of trails on the Avalon Peninsula, enhances the experience of hiking along the coast, and acknowledges the need for alternative camping facilities. In doing so, the design encourages and popularizes hiking along these trails. 

Each glamping unit contains a Sleeping and Living Area with a small Bathroom and Cooking Area - amenities that are typically unavailable to hikers along the trail and alleviate the need for tents, stoves, and other bulky equipment. The use of mirrored glass allows guests to experience the incredible views across vast areas from within the unit while maintaining privacy. On the exterior, the mirrored glass reflects the surrounding landscape and allows the unit to blend into its environment for a minimal presence.


As a ‘kit of parts’ for easy assembly in remote locations, these units are designed for mobility and accessibility. Access to the units is made possible by an online reservation, after which a unit would be delivered and assembled at one of several locations specified by the guest for a certain duration of time.

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