Cladding Detail
View From Beach
Master Bedroom
Lounge Area
Lounge with Fireplace
View of Water
Dining Area
Dining Area Windows
View from Beach

summerville cabin

client: private

location: Summerville, NL

use: residential

scale: 400 ft2

Located on an isolated beach on the scenic Bonavista Peninsula, the Summerville Cabin is designed to be a destination for two couples when visiting outport Newfoundland. 


This four-hundred square foot cabin is made up of two rooms that are separated by an exterior deck and adjoining roof. The irregular shape, pitched roof, orientation, and non-rectangular plan of each room makes for a unique and modern approach to buildings in this area that are rooted in traditional form and scale of outport Newfoundland. The first room contains a Master Bedroom with Ensuite and wood burning fireplace, and the second room contains a Kitchen, Dining Area, Bathroom, and Sleeping Loft. Whether towards the land or sea, both rooms have views that overlook the natural landscape of this picturesque region. 


Wood is used throughout the building's structure, and exterior and interior finishes. The form of the building lends itself well to wood because wood framing gives the design enough flexibility to provide interconnected forms and spaces with a simple and rational structure. Individual wood products include exterior and interior wood framing, pre-finished wood cladding, wood roof joists, exterior decking, wood flooring, and interior pine wall cladding.


Supported on a lightweight wood structure and raised from the ground, the design is built specifically to touch lightly on the land. The exterior deck and adjoining roof between the two rooms make for a uniquely framed view of the surroundings: the rocky beach, the Atlantic Ocean, and the hills beyond. 

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