NLCA Entrance
NLCA Lobby and Event Space
NLCA sections
NLCA Side View
NLCA Parking Lot View

corporate training centre

client: private

location: St. John's, Newfoundland

use: institutional

scale: 8,000 ft2

For the past several years, this growing corporation has been experiencing substantial growth as an organization, enough to warrant the commission of a new office headquarters and training centre. This new centre would focus on member services and promote the most up-to-date and sustainable methods of building, construction management, and construction sciences.

A building was required that would increase its public presence as well as address its new role as a centre for educating its members. Highlighting the technical abilities of its membership, the client wished to construct a modern building with a striking, dramatic profile. The new building is sited in a new business park adjacent to the St. John’s International Airport and the Trans-Canada Highway, which is convenient for travelers coming from the airport and the membership base from across the island of Newfoundland. However, it is also the site where over 40 acres of forest and mature farmland were upturned to prepare the area for development. The business park itself is in a very exposed, elevated and windy location, a condition worsened by the removal of the original forest. As a result, the building was placed at the far edge of the site and oriented to face the prevailing winds. This placement, in combination with the shape of the building and the landscape elements at the building’s edges, helps to create sheltered walkways, public space, and parking areas in one of Canada’s windiest cities.


The massing of the building is meant to physically express the distinct components of its program while separating its public and private uses with office and education spaces broken into two long, one storey wings connected by a large, glazed entry / public event space.  

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