Eastport Front
Entry from Side
Side with Door
Side View
Long Elevation
Back View
Short Side
Floor Plans
Exploded Axonometric
Upstairs Loft
View from Across Water

eastport residence

client: private

location: Eastport, Newfoundland

use: residential

scale: 1,950 ft2

photographer: Julian Parkinson

Located on one of the few sandy beaches on the island of Newfoundland, the Eastport Residence is designed as a retirement home for its tenants looking to spend their time outside of the City of St. John's.

The house is designed for this specific site. As coastal Newfoundland can be incredible wet, snowy, and windy, the site's existing trees provide a natural buffer from this type of weather and prevent erosion of the land into the ocean. The house is also sited in a natural clearing near the road, which takes advantage of the view to the ocean.

Employing several sustainable techniques, the total average energy bill is affordable even in the winter. The house is oriented East-West on the site to maximize solar gains and reduce the need for air conditioning. The overhanging wood roof elements along the south passively allow energy from the sun into the interior spaces in the winter months, and block them in the summer. At just eighteen feet wide, the building's structure is designed specifically for the span of wood floor joists that are used. This is not only economical for material use, but also for maximizing solar gains and passive ventilation. A high efficiency heat pump and a heat recovery ventilator are also installed.

With the home owners' future in mind, everything required for living in the home is included on the first floor, just one step above the exterior grade. The program contains an open concept Kitchen, Dining, and Living Room, two Bedrooms, two Bathrooms, a Loft, and a Garage. The overall detailing of the house is modern and clean to better express the building's unique massing. A large opening between the first and second floors makes the living space feel larger than one would expect from a home with a footprint of just nine-hundred feet squared.

The design of the Eastport Residence is a synthesis of its design criteria, creating a site specific home that resonates well with the lives of its inhabitants. 

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